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Our biodynamic method


For biodynamic agriculture  the soil, man, animals and plants are integral parts of the same ecosystem.


Our approach is holistic. We consider the earth and life that develops on it, as one single system. According to this logic, we see our farm as a living organism.

Our goal is to keep the land fertile and the plants healthy, thus increasing the quality of our products.

​​The process is gradual, and it starts from soil fertility.

This is to be obtained through the use of biodynamic preparations, through the maintenance of biodiversity, through the presence of multi-year crops (vines) interspersed with non-productive areas, through the presence of arable crops in rotation and through the development of zootechnics (fed with farm products and pasture), in order to compost animal manure with pruning residues, distributing humus through the land, as a totally natural fertilizer, without synthetic substances.

The most important aspects of biodynamic agriculture are:

  • the circular economy, in which nothing is wasted

  • agricultural rotations

  • the lunar calendar for sowing and cultivation operations

  • non-destructive use of the soil

  • composting and biodynamic preparations


Our biodynamic products are subjected to a control and certification regime. In fact, Demeter association guarantees that the food products and ingredients of certified companies come from biodynamic crops or farms, through the compliance with specific standards.

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