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Our philosophy

To us, being organic doesn’t only mean going back to some “good old principles”, it means moving a step forward in terms of quality, health, sustainability and environmental responsibility.


In 1974 Guido Fidora, decided to convert the family estate into organic agriculture.


At that time being organic was not a fashion and the word “organic” itself was not even associated to agriculture as it is today. Chemicals had been promoted as the right innovative way to grow crops for about one century. Everybody just seemed to have forgotten all their past, thousand-year chemicals-free experience. There were no books, no researches, no teachers to tell you how to grow plants without using chemicals. We learned through experience.

Today all of our estates is biodynamic and

Demeter certified.  

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Today, Civranetta estate is one of the oldest examples of organic-cultivated environment in our country and the oldest one in Veneto region. The flourishing plants and the numerous animal species witness how a different agricultural method can improve our life conditions and change the world as we know it.

 We encourage the development and coexistence of different species of plants and animals within the same habitat. In order to do this, we use tree-lined banks, meadows, hedges, copses, and ponds: biotopes that characterise the farm and become a welcome home to wildlife. This is why hares, foxes, pheasants, ducks, herons, boars and many other species are the true inhabitants of our estates.

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